Education-focussed academics: The changing face of academia (August 4, 2022)

Key details

  • Thursday, August 4, 2022
  • 1 – 2 p.m. (AEST)
  • Free
  • Online (Zoom session ↗)
  • Janis Wardrop, Jo-Anne Chuck, Corina Raduescu, Collins Fleischner, Gerry Rayner, Sharon Flecknoe, John Randal, Susan Page


The following video-recording was made available after the session:


There have always been discipline-based academics whose passion has been education rather than research. The contribution and commitment of these faculty members, while often valued within their own departments, has largely gone unrecognised at an institutional level in the absence of clear guidelines and a national policy. However, this situation is slowly changing. More and more institutions now have teaching/education-focused academics engaging in scholarship, accessing professional development opportunities and pursuing career progression akin to those with traditional teaching and research work portfolios.

In this panel discussion hosted by the HERDSA NSW Branch, we will explore the recent drivers and changes to the higher education environment that have led to the development of these roles, look at the question of ‘academic identity’ and career pathways in this changing institutional environment, and examine some of the challenges that still remain.

Recording information

Please note: the event will be recorded and made available later as a video on the HERDSA NSW Branch website. Attendees are asked to bear this in mind, especially if/when engaging with the presenters or other attendees during the event.


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Panel Members:
Mr. Collins Fleischner ↗ (UNSW)
Assoc. Prof. Gerry Rayner ↗ (Swinburne University)
Dr. Sharon Flecknoe ↗ (Monash University)
Prof. Susan Page ↗ (Western Sydney University)
Prof. John Randal ↗ (Victoria University of Wellington)
Panel Chair: Dr. Janis Wardrop ↗ (UNSW)
Panel Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Jo-Anne Chuck ↗ (Western Sydney University)
Webinar Chair: Ms. Corina Raduescu ↗ (the University of Sydney)

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